The Laundrette

The Laundrette have three restaurants. The first restaurant began in Chorlton and later saw a Manchester and Newcastle branch open. The first restaurant in Chorlton, located on Beech Road, was formerly a laundrette called Soap Opera. It was later sold and transformed into what is now a restaurant and cocktail bar.

The restaurant is renowned for its cocktails and if you’re looking for carbs, then you’re going to the right place! I have visited both Manchester restaurants but I’ll be telling you which one you should visit and why.

(Outside The Laundrette in Chorlton)



The Chorlton restaurant has great ambience and the wooden floor boards, stools and preserved brick work gave it an old feel that I really liked. With limited space inside, the tables are very close together. This is fine as long as you aren’t wanting to have your conversation heard by others and vice versa. There is also a large bi-fold door which opens up the inside and outside seating area, which was particularly nice as it had been a hot day.

(Credit: Restaurants of Manchester)

Inside the Manchester city centre restaurant, there is a much more modern feel. It is a lot more spacious than the Chorlton restaurant too and this means it’s less likely for you to be squeezed in-between people. We sat in a covered and heated exterior area of the restaurant, which was quite lovely and cosy.


On both visits to the Chorlton and Manchester city centre restaurant, I have chosen the cocktail and carbs menu which offers two courses and a cocktail for £14. This menu offers great value for money and the portion sizes remain generous.

Note: To get this deal you have to pre-book.



With the food options visualised above, you get to choose one of the following four cocktails:

  • Rasperri Flossi (Absolut raspberri, Drambuie, limoncello, apple, cream & grenadine. Finished off with a ball of candyfloss)
  • Absolut Milf (Absolut Vodka mint, fresh strawberries & lychee syrup, topped with apple juice)
  • Marshmallow Colada (Havana 3, Malibu marshmallow syrup, coconut milk and pineapple)
  • Love Juice (Absolut Vodka, raspberry liqueur, peach puree, fresh pomegranate juice & passionfruit seeds)

Non-alcoholic alternatives are also available (Ask your server for the options available that day).

On the visit to the Manchester city centre restaurant, I chose the hummus & flatbread, breaded chicken burger and love juice. My girlfriend (Amy) chose the hummus & flatbread, goats cheese pizza and marshmallow colada.

At the Chorlton restaurant, we shared the tomato garlic bread and hummus & flatbread for starter. For the main course, we both chose the truffle mac ‘n’ cheese and for drinks I had the raspberri flossi and Amy chose the marshmallow colada.


I was very disappointed with the service at the Chorlton restaurant. We arrived at 8.30pm for our booking and we were sat down without the correct menu’s being given to us. It took another 10 minutes to get someone’s attention for the correct menu and upon asking, we received a hostile response.

Between having our orders taken and waiting for our food, we received two cocktails from a waiter, which were actually for the table next to us so we had to send them back. A few minutes later a waitress brought over two main meals for us. This was wrong again, as the food was for people two tables down from us. After much confusion we received our starters but after finishing our starters, we had still hadn’t received our drinks, nor an offer of water.

The service was definitely poor on this particular visit but we still paid the discretionary service charge as I’m not one to ask for it to be taken off. Although when I do receive good service I will often ask whether the service charge goes to the restaurant or the staff, so it’s always worth remembering to check.

However, I can say the service we received at the city centre restaurant was the complete opposite and I would definitely recommend visiting it.



On both visits we have chosen the hummus and flatbread for starter as it is really tasty. The hummus is coupled with green pesto and a lemon comes separately on the side to squeeze on top. You really can’t go wrong with pesto in my opinion and the lemon juice is a great addition and something I’ll definitely start using when I have hummus and flatbread at home.


For my main meal at the city centre restaurant, I kept it simple and went for the breaded chicken burger with mango and pepper salsa, aioli and fries. The burger was delicious and the salsa was really mild so don’t worry if you don’t like spicy sauces or food. My only concern would be if you have a large appetite, as the burger may not be as filling as the other available options, so maybe reconsider.

Amy:“At the city centre restaurant, I chose the goats cheese pizza for my main meal (Tomato base, goats cheese, roasted bell pepper, caramelised red onion jam, rocket & pesto). If you love goats cheese like me, then you’ll love this pizza. One thing I will say is it’s almost a mix of sweet and savoury so it could get sickly – I would definitely get this again though.”


At the Chorlton restaurant we shared a tomato garlic bread and the hummus and flatbread. The tomato garlic bread was just right, not too crispy and not undercooked. It was as good as I’ve had at some Italians and is definitely an option to consider.


For our main meal at the Chorlton restaurant, we both chose the truffle mac ‘n’ cheese which was served in a hot cast iron mini pot. The top of the mac ‘n’ cheese had a crispy breadcrumb topping and underneath was a creamy cheese sauce. Although the sauce was extremely indulgent, it lacked the strong cheese flavour you would normally expect in a mac ‘n’ cheese. But regardless, it was still enjoyable.


On my next visit I will be eating from the regular menu and I think my recommendation would be the pizzas. They not only look good but they taste good too (Yes, I stole one of Amy’s slices). I’ve included a picture of the pizza menu below but if you want to see more of The Laundrette menu, I’ve included a link at the bottom of my blog under the information section.



At the city centre restaurant, I chose the love juice and Amy chose the marshmallow colada.


The love juice is a really sweet and fruity drink for those who prefer less strong cocktails. The passionfruit seeds in the drink are also great to eat and there was a good ratio of crushed ice and the drink itself.

Amy:“The marshmallow colada tasted exactly like toasted marshmallows, super sweet with the fruity taste of pineapple without being too creamy like some pina-colada’s can often be. I wish every cocktail bar offered this cocktail, however I have to say that the marshmallow colada I had at the Chorlton restaurant tasted purely of pineapple juice, as well as the presentation slacking which disappointed me.”


At the Chorlton restaurant, I chose the rasperri flossi and Amy chose the marshmallow colada again. You can tell she loves it right?

The raspberri flossi was really disappointing. Apart from the ball of candyfloss which was really nice, the drink itself was tasteless. There was also far too much crushed ice and the drink hardly filled more than half of the glass it came in. The amount of crushed ice watered the drink down and reminded me of a weak cordial you would make at home. But saying this, I would like to try it again at the Manchester city centre restaurant to see if there is any difference.


I tried an extra cocktail at the city centre restaurant which was called twisted tiramisu (Patron Café XO, dark chocolate Mozart, espresso and mascarpone – £9).


I really enjoyed this cocktail and the combination of flavours worked really well. If you have never tried Patron Café XO (Coffee liqueur made with Silver Patron Tequila), then I would definitely recommend doing so (Most large supermarkets sell miniature bottles for around £5). I prefer Patron Café XO over other coffee liqueurs as it is stronger and drier. But the strength didn’t overpower the dark chocolate Mozart which was great. Oh and the little ice cream was great too!

Amy also tried an extra cocktail called laundrette with love (Portebello road gin, Lanique rose vodka, apricot, rhubarb bitters & whites. Served with a pink fizz chaser – £9).


Amy: “As someone who loves anything sweet, this cocktail wasn’t my all-time favourite. The bitters overpowered any other flavours leaving an unusual aftertaste which I didn’t really like, but if you prefer less sweet drinks this is a good option as it has a floral, refreshing flavour – it was similar in style to a pornstar martini with the shot of pink fizz on the side and some love heart sweets. The presentation was absolutely lovely.”


I haven’t personally tried this cocktail (yet!) but it definitely looks good. It’s called bubble bath (Portobello Road Gin, violet liqueur, lemon & apple juice finished with popping candy & Maraschino liqueur foam – £20) and is sold as a sharer. The best part… You get to take the bath home but if you’re sharing, you may have to fight over it.


2x £14 cocktail and carbs menu = £28

Total: £28


2x £14 cocktail and carbs menu = £28

Twisted tiramisu = £9

Laundrette with love = £9

Total = £46


Overall rating – 6/10

Value for money – 9/10

Service – 4/10

Overall, The Laundrette in Chorlton let itself down. Mainly because of the service but also because of the standard of cocktails. I feel as if the service we received compared to other groups was a lot poorer and the reason for this, I’m not sure. Regardless of the matter, we did come with such high expectations because of the fantastic experience we had at the Manchester, First Street restaurant. But I’m afraid I won’t be returning to the Chorlton restaurant again.


Overall rating – 8/10

Value for money – 10/10

Service – 8/10

Overall, the whole experience was great. Value for money was excellent and even more so if we hadn’t of asked for any extra cocktails. The food was really good quality and the service is exactly what you would expect for this sort of restaurant. No faults and will definitely be returning.


I will return to the Manchester, First Street restaurant but I will not be returning to the Chorlton restaurant.



Address (Chorlton): 32 Beech Rd, Manchester M21 9EL

Opening Times (Chorlton): 10am-11pm every day.

Address (Manchester city centre): 13 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4FN

Opening Times (Manchester city centre): Monday – Friday: 12pm-12am. Saturday and Sunday 10am-12am.

Please note:

  • Hours may differ for bank holidays.
  • To get the offer in this blog, you need to pre-book.
  • A discretionary service charge will be added to your bill.

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