G&J’s Doughnuts

Another exciting Thursday, which marks my fifth blog post! I’ve now had over 800 views, so thank you to those who are giving up their time to read about my visits. With it being Father’s Day at the weekend, my family and I headed out to Altrincham to see what we could find. I must say, it’s great to have a Dad who shares the same interests of food and coffee because it’s never a difficult choice when choosing a place to visit. Plus, you’re spoilt for choice in Manchester, so what’s not to love!

Anyway, doughnuts…


When you think of doughnuts, you probably think of Krispy Kreme or Homer Simpson, “Mmm… Doughnuts”.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 14.57.21.png
Credit: pngimg.com

Seriously though, Krispy Kreme can be great but I always urge people to search wider than your chain companies. Markets and pop-up events can be the best place to find different, new and delicious foods.

That’s exactly how I found G&J’s Doughnuts. G&J’s Doughnuts can be found at Altrincham market (Every Saturday and Sunday) and at Bloc Café, Holmfirth (Every Saturday).

Now I must admit, I arrived before the stall was even set up… Typical me! But a sign saying ‘Doughnuts’ was enough for me to wait. As you probably now know, my willpower to resist such foods is dreadful. However, I’m certainly not complaining.


There were five different doughnut options to choose from:

  • Apple & cinnamon
  • Double chocolate & caramel
  • Banana, caramel & pecan nut
  • White chocolate, strawberry & honeycomb
  • Maple, brown sugar & peanut crunch

All the doughnuts are priced at £3 or you can get 3 for £8 or 6 for £15. The special was:

G&J’s doughnut sundae (£4)

  • 2 mini doughnuts
  • Whipped caramel cream
  • Honeycomb
  • Caramel Drizzle
  • Chocolate sauce
(Credit: Instagram – @gjsdoughnuts)


All of the doughnuts are freshly made and handcrafted! They are also beautifully glazed and the filling is something else, oozing flavour.

I chose the banana, caramel and pecan nut doughnut. The doughnut was really fresh and soft. I think that’s really important as I hate overdone doughnuts or doughnuts that have gone slightly stale for being sat out too long. Banana was definitely the stand out flavour and with banana being my go to fruit, I was loving it! The caramel compliments the banana really well and the flavours reminded me of banoffee pie.

My dad chose the maple, brown sugar and peanut crunch doughnut. His opinion:

“The maple, brown sugar and peanut crunch doughnut is off to a good start as it is such a great combination of flavours. It gets even better though when the doughnut itself is light and fluffy and packed with just the right amount of filling. Not too much that it spills everywhere but enough that it is satisfying. A top notch donut!!”

As Amy wasn’t with us, I chose the white chocolate, strawberry and honeycomb doughnut for her to try back at home. This is what she thought:

“The white chocolate topping on the doughnut was amazing, super sweet and I love anything involving melted white chocolate, especially when it’s with strawberry. Such a good combination! I feel as though the honeycomb flavour was lost however, so it probably would have been fine as just strawberry and white chocolate rather than adding honeycomb.”


Other than what was available when I visited, I would definitely like to try the double chocolate ganache, cookies and cream doughnut that I have seen on G&J’s doughnuts Instagram page.

(Credit: Instagram – @gjsdoughnuts)

But if you do find that you have time this weekend to go and visit, you’re in for a treat. The chocolate, caramel and butterscotch crunch is going to be available and it looks mouthwatering. See for yourself.

Credit: Instagram – @gjsdoughnuts)


Deal: 3 doughnuts for £8.


Overall rating – 9/10

Value for money 8/10

I couldn’t give a 10/10 overall because honestly, I’m still searching for THE best doughnut. Maybe that’s just my excuse to eat more. However, these doughnuts were still awesome! In terms of price, some may squint at £3 per doughnut but I think we have to remind ourselves that the doughnuts are handcrafted, rather than mass produced and the ingredients will be of far better quality with the doughnuts being artisan doughnuts. Either way, I would happily pay £3 for one again.


Instagram: @gjsdoughnuts

Facebook: @gjsdoughnutshuddersfield

Altrincham Market address: 26 Market Street, Altrincham, WA14 1PF

Altrincham Market Information: http://www.altrinchammarket.co.uk

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