Black Milk Cereal

I have been looking forward to writing this blog. I was going to write a review on my first visit to Black Milk but I wanted to try a wider range of desserts and milkshakes before I did. So here it is after my second visit. But brace yourself, this place is not for the fainthearted, it’s full of outrageous ideas and it’s complete calorie overload.

As I’m now over 1000 readers, I’m going to let you into a little secret. I’ll be telling you how to get a £20 voucher at Black Milk Cereal for just £8. By revealing this, you’ll also find a bundle of other deals across other restaurants and cafe’s but you’ll have to read on if you want to find out more.


If you don’t know who Black Milk are then where have you been living? Originally Black Milk were based in Afflecks Palace and became popular because of its awesome edible cereal bowls, and believe me they are GOOD!

After increased popularity, Black Milk took the jump and moved to Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter, which allowed for later opening times and more space. Following further success, a site in Bolton was revealed and even more recently, Black Milk have taken the move to Soho, London, where they are based within Fiorucci.


The menu at Black Milk often changes but I’ll be showing you the options that I have tried but also some of the really cool options Black Milk have created around events such as the World Cup and Pride.

Disappointingly Black Milk don’t update their online menu so it’s actually really difficult to scan through all the available options. But you’ll have the choice of freakshakes, milkshakes, vegan and dairy free shakes, waffles, sundaes, edible cereal bowls and a share platter. To quench your thirst, soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also available.


You can expect a wait in Black Milk, they are usually quite busy and of course, they have to perfect those desserts. However the service wasn’t the best on our last visit.

We had booked two £20 vouchers for £8 each, meaning we had a total spend of £40 but had actually only spend £16 overall. There is a downside to the vouchers and that is the fact you don’t receive any change and you can’t carry over amounts for your next visit. With this in mind, Amy and I came to the decision to spend the lot so we could try a variety of options and give our opinion. So of course, we had the calculator on our phone up, adding every extra just to reach the £40 limit.

But on going up to the till, this was deemed a “problem” because it was making the staff members life really hard, apparently. I have full sympathy for staff in busy periods and I also appreciate it’s not easy when customers swap and change options but after being a chef for the past two years, you have to learn that the customer is paying and you have no option but to meet their needs and wants. Luckily this wasn’t our first visit and brushed it off but it could definitely deter people visiting again if they have a bad experience on their first visit.


Despite the service, once the food made it to the table, I was in my happy place.


To start with, I had the ‘Om nom nom’ cereal bowl (The classic Black Milk combo features Krave, Coco Rocks and Cookie Crisp cereal. On top you’ll find fudge brownies and Oreos, covered in molten chocolate. Served with chocolate milk and whipped cream)

Credit: Black Milk Cereal – Instagram (@blackmilkcereal)

I must say, it’s the best bowl of cereal I’ve ever tasted and it’s far better than the cereal your parents would force down you before that dreaded history lesson at school on a Monday morning.

The whole thing was a chocolate lovers dream, soft, gooey and dripping in molten chocolate! But don’t overload your bowl with the chocolate milk, as you’ll have to finish the amount you pour in before you can eat the bowl. I chose a white chocolate bowl as pictured above. It certainly didn’t disappoint but if you’re not a white chocolate lover, you can always choose the milk chocolate bowl instead.

To go with my edible cereal bowl, I chose the ‘Triple Oreo freakshake’ (Oreo cheesecake with double Oreo shake).

Credit: Black Milk Cereal – Instagram (@blackmilkcereal)

You’re seeing things right too. It’s a full Oreo cheesecake sat on top of the milkshake! But as usual, I’m always over the top, so extra torched marshmallows had to be added. The shake is not only very well presented and balanced but it is thick with a very strong Oreo taste. Oh, and the cheesecake… Well. It was delicious. Soft, with a creamy, sweet and rich taste, loaded with even more Oreo!

So what did Amy have? Amy chose a waffle as they grabbed her attention on Black Milk’s Instagram account (@blackmilkcereal). The ‘Brownie s’more stack waffle’ came out on top and I’ll let you hear her thoughts below.


Amy: “The brownie s’more stack waffle was crammed with sweet toppings, theres no better combo than brownies and marshmallows so this waffle was perfect for me. If I could eat waffles everyday, I really would. Black Milk’s waffles are one of the best I have tried, super thick and fluffy!”

To go with the s’more stack waffle, Amy put together her own milkshake!

Amy: I was slightly awkward with my order as I had to order the dairy free Biscoff option. I decided to add some extras to make it abit more exciting and they really did put effort in to make it look just as good as the freakshakes. I added torched marshmallows, a brownie and a shot of coffee. I love iced coffee so this drink was amazing, however I couldn’t really taste the Biscoff flavour which let it down. I would still order again though!”


Before I mentioned a couple of the cool ideas Black Milk had created around events, so here they are. The freakshake below was a limited edition World Cup shake and only available in London until England’s World Cup run ended (Victoria sponge cake, white Kinder Bueno, white chocolate, St George’s Cross, ice cream). 

Credit: Black Milk Cereal – Instagram (@blackmilkcereal)

The next freakshake is the rainbow shake, originally created for the Pride Festival in London. This shake was originally only available at the Soho site but Black Milk promised the shake to be available in Manchester and Bolton, should the picture receive over 4000 likes. It’s just short of 5000 so should they stick to their promise, you’ll be able to get your hands on this beauty.

Credit: Black Milk Cereal – Instagram (@blackmilkcereal)

Next time I visit, I’m going to try the s’more share platter (A molten chocolate fondue with torched marshmallows, fresh strawberries, cheesecake pieces, Biscoff and Oreos). 

Credit: Black Milk Cereal – Instagram (@blackmilkcereal)



  • Oreo Freakshake – £8.50
  • Edible om nom nom cereal bowl – £8.50
  • S’more brownie stack waffle – £8.50
  • Amy’s milkshake (without extras) – £6
  • San Pellegrino – £2
  • Bottle of water – £1.50


  • Toasted Marshmallows X2 – £2
  • Brownie – £2
  • Shot of coffee – 50p

The total amount came to £39.50 but with there being no online menu, some of the items prices are off the top of my head. Anyway, this is where I tell you about a tip to save your money and how to eat out for less than half of the full amount.

There is an app called ‘Manchester Confidential’. The app is free and all you do is enter your email and each week more and more restaurant/cafe offers get added and some get discounted to brilliant prices. For example, Manchester Confidential usually offer a £20 Black Milk voucher for £10. However, sometimes it gets discounted to £8 which is even better! There are T&C’s to the vouchers and they vary across different places but Black Milk allow up to four vouchers per group at any one time… Imagine all that food!

Anyway, I’ll cut to the point. Manchester Confidential is how Amy and I got £40 worth of food for just £16 by buying two £8 vouchers. There are many other offers at other places such as £100 vouchers for £50 or £50 vouchers for £25 etc. So if you want to save some money and eat out at a cheaper price, I’d definitely recommend this app.


Overall rating – 9/10

Value for money – 7/10

Service – 6/10

I don’t think you can beat the creativity of some of the options and they really do taste great. However, I think if I was paying full price, I would consider it to be a little steep. But with the voucher I used, it’s certainly 10/10 on value for money. I summed up my thoughts on the service earlier, nothing too major but it’s important to ensure customers will want to repeatedly come back over and over again.


Yes but I’ll need to go to the gym a few more times before I do!



Instagram and Twitter: @blackmilkcereal


Opening times:

 Monday 12:00 – 20:00
 Tuesday  12:00 – 20:00
 Wednesday 12:00 – 20:00
 Thursday  12:00 – 20:00
 Friday  12:00 – 22:00
 Saturday  11:00 – 23:00
 Sunday  11:00 – 21:00


Black Milk
88 Oldham Street
M4 1LF

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