A delayed blog due to a busy week last week. I started my new job (which I’m really enjoying) and I had my graduation ceremony, so I didn’t want to rush getting this out. Better late than never!


GRUB is a street food events company who organise events that include a variety of amazing food, craft ale and live music. GRUB are most passionate about supporting independent businesses and lowering the barriers to entry for grassroots food operators. You’ll be able to find GRUB at Mayfield community garden, near the Piccadilly Train Station taxi rank, which may be handy once you’re in a food coma!

Credit: Mayfield Manchester – Instagram (@mayfieldmanchester)

Every Friday and Saturday it’s the ‘GRUB Food Fair’, where you’ll find beer, wine, spirits, music and plenty of street food. Every Sunday it’s ‘Plant Powered Sundays’, where you’ll find the finest vegan street food, music and even a vegan friendly bar. I’ve got to admit I had the preconception that the majority of vegan food was boring and plain but GRUB have certainly changed my view.

I’ve visited GRUB a few times now so I’ll be taking you through the options I have tried but my main focus is to show you the variety of amazing food GRUB has to offer. The options change each week so you’ll need to check GRUB’s social media channels to see what is available on the dates you’re considering.


First up is ‘The Gravy Train’ who have been serving ‘Poutine’ since 2016.


I too was thankful for the explanation! Now it probably isn’t unusual for you to be thinking “It’s just chips and gravy!” As it’s exactly that. Yet posh, one may say.

I’m surprised I had never heard of poutine prior to coming across The Gravy Train Instagram account (@thegtpoutine) but in Canada, it’s so popular McDonalds put it on the menu! Although I’m sure that’s probably the worst tasting poutine you can get your hands on.

At GRUB there are four options, including vegan and gluten free options if you ask on the day of visiting.

  • The Montreal (Classic Poutine of skin-on fries, squeaky cheese curds & a beef or mushroom gravy) – £5.50
  • The Budapest (Classic Poutine topped with crispy fried onions, roasted pepper and soured cream) – £7
  • The Frenchie (Classic Poutine topped with mapled bacon, sauteed garlic mushrooms & red onion marmalade) – £7.50
  • The Pioneer (Classic Poutine topped with mapled bacon, beer-poached BBQ chicken & soured cream) £8


Of the four options, I chose The Pioneer with beef gravy (As I really dislike mushroom). Everything was steaming hot and the food was actually great but my only problem would be the price point. Although foodies such as myself will pay the price just to try it, £8 for what could be considered chips and gravy with a few added extras is steep.


Also ticked off my long list of ‘To visit and try’ is ‘Oh My Glaze’. If you’re looking for tasty wings and wraps, then continue reading.


The menu:

  • Chicken wrap (Chicken breast in a choice of glaze, spinach, rocket, purple slaw, avocado, pomegranate, crispy onion) £6 – Add halloumi for £1
  • Halloumi wrap (Grilled halloumi in a balsamic glaze, spinach, rocket, purple slaw, avocado, pomegranate, crispy onion) – £6 
  • Chicken wings (Grilled chicken wings in a choice of glaze) – £5
  • Cajun Fries (Skin on fries tossed in cajun spice) – £3
  • Pick your glaze: Scotch bonnet & rhubarb / Cajun BBQ / Lime & Coriander

You’ll also be happy to know all the chicken is free range and locally sourced. But as good as the chicken sounded, on my visit it wasn’t enough to tempt me. I thought I would have a meat free feast and try the halloumi wrap because who doesn’t love halloumi? If you do dislike it, then we can’t be friends. The combination of two of my favourite things, halloumi and avocado was brilliant and the wrap had a sweet flavour to it, mainly from the pomegranate which I was a little unsure of originally but it actually worked really well.

For the first time in history, I didn’t take a picture of my food which I’m fairly disappointed with because I’ve been unable to find a picture of it on Oh My Glaze’s Instagram either. However, I’ll leave you to look at some of the other options below.

Credit: Oh My Glaze – Instagram (@ohmyglaze)
Credit: Oh My Glaze – Instagram (@ohmyglaze)


So we all know many people’s food choices now come down to how “Instagrammable” it is. If you’re reading this and totally relating, then you should probably give ‘Froconut’ a try.

Credit: Froconut – Instagram (

Froconut is a dairy-free, vegan frozen coconut ice cream, topped with delicious plant-based and gluten free toppings. Not only do they look great but I’ve heard great things too.

Credit: Froconut – Instagram (


My second recommendation would be to try ‘Wallace and Sons’, also known as ‘The Bao Boss’.


You’ll have five options to choose from on your visit:

  • Pork bun (Crispy skin, pickled cucumber, hoi sin & siracha) – £6
  • Salt cod bun (Pickled fennel with siracha mayo) – £6
  • Chicken katsu bun (Pickled shitake & wasabi mayo) – £6
  • Cauliflower bun (Tofu, sesame dressing & hot sauce) £6 (Vegan)
  • Mini buns (Pork, cod & chicken buns) £10 

My dad tried the mini buns on his first visit and they looked fantastic. I’ll leave you to be the judge:


Lastly, Wallace and Sons make all their own buns so you can bank on maximum freshness and taste!


Another great dessert option at GRUB is ‘ScoopUp’, who serve artisanal ice-cream sandwiches, with everything homemade. They too cater for those who are vegan or gluten free. All the ice-cream sandwiches are £4.50 and you’ll have a tough choice to make.

  • Rose Lychee Coconut (With rose macaron & desiccated coconut) 
  • Cookie Dough (With chocolate chip cookie & chocolate sauce) 
  • Banana Peanut Butter (With peanut butter cookie) – Vegan
  • Chocolate brownie (With toffee sauce and popcorn) 
Credit: ScoopUp – Instagram (@scoop.up)

The pictures are just for referene and menu does change regularly at events such as GRUB but you can find out what will be available by checking the ScoopUp Instagram page (@scoop.up). 


Yes, I’ve been back a few times now and I’ll be doing Part 2 to this blog in the near future so I can talk about more of the food businesses that operate at GRUB.

So you know what’s on over the few weeks, here is a full list:

Credit: GRUB – Instagram (@grubmcr)



Instagram and Twitter: @grubmcr


Opening times:

 Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
 Wednesday Closed
 Thursday  Closed
 Friday  12:00 – 22:00
 Saturday  12:00 – 22:00
 Sunday  12:00 – 18:00


Mayfield Train Station
Baring St
M1 2AD

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  1. seasonsedscribbles says:

    Hey, great post. I love this place. I’ve tried the offerings gravy train serve and I very much enjoyed them though my favourite stand so far is ‘The Ottomen’. I reckon I need to go back and sample the desserts though!

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    1. Hi, thanks so much! I’ll have to try The Ottoman, I’ve seen their Instagram page and it looks great. I’d definitely also look at ‘Choux Choux’, they’re at Grub this Sunday and on the 17th, it’s top of my list. Let me know if you try anything else 😁

      Liked by 2 people

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