If you are regularly on Oxford Road, you have probably seen the quirky and colourful shipping containers near Manchester Metropolitan University, which is ‘Hatch’. It’d be normal of you to walk past Hatch and take a second look at the peculiar set up as there is nothing quite like it. But you shouldn’t let the exterior put you off as there are some fantastic options to choose from.

Credit: Hatch – Instagram (@hatchmcr)

Hatch offer a range of pop-up and semi-permanent containers for aspiring entrepreneurs and established traders so they can be given the opportunity to begin or expand their business. If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, you know I love these sort of places because you’ll find ideas that you can’t get in most chain restaurants and personally, I find a lot of it to be better tasting too.

But it’s not just food and drink you’ll find at Hatch, there are pop-up shops on the outside, which have hosted clothing brands, artists and even a flower shop. Hatch have also held ticketed garden parties, so keep your eyes out for future events if that’s also your thing!


Coffee lover? Good, me too.

At Hatch you’ll find a fine cup of coffee at an artisan coffee house named ‘Takk’. Takk serve their own Nordic style Espresso (North Projekt), roasted by Clifton Coffee in Bristol. Their espresso is a single origin coffee from Finca Miravelle in El Salvador and they regularly feature guest espresso from some of the best roasters in Europe and further afield. You may recognise the name Takk as they also have a coffee house in the Northern Quarter, where you’ll also be able to find single origin coffees that change on a weekly basis.


Inside you’ll find their knowledgable barista’s who will be on hand to answer any coffee related questions you may have. Inside they sell coffee beans and a range of coffee related equipment too, which is particularly good for beginners and if you are wanting to experiment at home. Overall, the coffee was fantastic and it’ll definitely become more handy once it starts to become colder again.


Hatch is also brilliant if you only have a short lunch break at work or if you are in a rush somewhere. On my lunch visits I’ve tried ‘Firebird Hope’ and ‘T’Arricrii’.

At Firebird Hope you’ll find the following:

  • Level-up Sandwich (Free-range chicken thigh, koji mayo, house slaw and fast pickles on a sourdough bun) – £6 
  • Triple 6 Vegan Sandwich (Homemade seitan fillet, koji mayo, house slaw and fast pickles on a sourdough bun) – £6 
  • Steep Soda Co (The best craft sodas, made in MCR) – £2 

The level up sandwich was a great choice.


The chicken is unbelievably flavoursome, definitely some of the best I’ve tried. The only problem I had with the sandwich was the top of my sourdough bun being slightly over done so it was a little too crisp but overall it wasn’t ruined.


At T’Arricrii you’ll not only find amazing Sicilian options but you’ll also find two of the friendliest guys with a wealth of knowledge. In addition, Riccardo and Romeo are funny and also very passionate about the food they are serving.


Here’s a closer look at all their options.


So you may now be thinking about what you’d choose but I must give you some good and bad news. I’ll start with the bad. T’Arricrii don’t serve all of those options every day, so it’s completely varied on every visit. But the good side of the limited selection is that the options have had vast amounts of attention and care to bring you some of the best tasting Sicilian food.


Now, it’s recommended that you do the full experience. That being, a drink, a main and a cannolo (Sicilian dessert – £10.70). Or Cannoli. I’m still confused as to which is right, the board outside T’Arricrii says Cannolo but the internet says Cannoli. Either way, I won’t lose sleep over it.

T’Arricrii source the drinks above which are specially made in Sicily, with no added sugar or preservatives. The drinks are fruit flavoured, with almost ten options to choose from. Amy and I chose the blood orange and pomegranate drinks which had a slight fizz to them but I would definitely have them again as they were very refreshing.


On the left is the ‘Norma’ and on the right is the ‘Ragu’.

  • Norma (aubergine, tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella and ricotta) – £5.
  • Ragu (Beef, onion, carrot, peas, tomato and mozzarella) – £5 

I can’t quite describe what these were like, all I know is that they were absolutely delicious. The exterior was made up of breadcrumbs, followed by a layer of rice and then the main filling. One of these will be more than enough to fill you up but if you’re with another person and want to experiment, have half of a different flavour each.

To finish off, it’s cannoli/cannolo.


You can see my full experience at T’Arricrii on my Instagram highlights (james_massey), where I’ve also got a video of them creating the cannolo.

The cannolo is made up of a crispy dough, stuffed with ricotta cheese, with the option of pistachio or chocolate flakes. You can even be more adventurous by going half and half like we did. It’s crunchy yet soft and if you have a sweet tooth, this is going to be right up your street. You can get your hands on this for £4.70 and I’d definitely recommend doing so.


Yes, I’m regularly nearby and I’ll be back time after time until my bank balance says otherwise!


Website: https://hatchmcr.com/

Instagram: T’Arricrii (@tarricri), Hatch (@hatchmcr), Takk (@takkmcr), Firebird Hope (_firebirdhope_)

Opening hours:


 Monday 8am – 6pm
Tuesday 8am – 6pm
 Wednesday 8am – 6pm
 Thursday  8am – 6pm
 Friday  8am – 6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
 Sunday  10am-5pm

Street Food Courtyard

 Monday 11am-3pm
Tuesday 11am-3pm
 Wednesday 11am-9pm
 Thursday  11am-9pm
 Friday  11am-9pm
 Saturday  11am-9pm
 Sunday  12pm-6pm



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