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This week you’ll learn all about my visit to Angels Restaurant!


‘Angels – Chic, cosmopolitan dining, in the heart of the Ribble Valley.’

The menu at Angels is created by Executive Head Chef Simon Eastham and it aims to utilise as much local produce as possible, supporting local farmers and specialist suppliers from the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas.

Due to this, the menu may be changed throughout different seasons and the availability on certain dishes may vary from time to time.


The interior is definitely not how I expected it to be. It’s totally lavish.

Featuring hanging chandeliers, surrounded by tiny spot lights that light the room up, almost like stars on a clear night.


The silver / velour chairs inside give the bar and waiting area a lovely touch, which are also very comfortable, as you can see.


A bar with no queue is also a rare sight but jokes aside, it was extremely well kept and the bottom of it sparkled away.



The biggest surprise about this visit was that I was unable to find an Instagram account for Angels. Now with the food looking and tasting so delightful, it’s extremely surprising such a place doesn’t want to gain the mass exposure that social channels can offer. Maybe that’s just me speaking my marketing mind. But I do suppose if the food is as consistently good as it was on my visit, word of mouth may just do its job.

On arrival we were greeted immediately and asked to take a seat in the bar area. We were then provided with a drinks and food menu and left to make our choices. This is where things varied slightly. Normally when visiting a restaurant, you’d be sat down at your table, be given a food / drinks menu and be left to make your choice.

But at Angels, a host will come over to take your drinks and food order whilst in the bar area. You’ll then be left to enjoy your drinks and not long before your food is ready, you’ll be taken through to the main seating area. I particularly liked this for a few reasons:

  • The wait for your food seemed a lot shorter
  • It made it into more of an experience rather than just a meal
  • The dining experience was more pleasurable because there wasn’t a new table being seated every couple of minutes


As mentioned earlier, the menu may be changed throughout the different seasons but you’ll still have the option of:

3 course menu (sample)

Credit: Angels Restaurant –

4 course menu

Credit – Angels Restaurant –

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 20.43.33.png
Credit: Angels Restaurant –

A La Carte menu

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 20.46.15.png
Credit: Angels Restaurant –

Sunday lunch sample menu

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 20.47.14.png
Credit: Angels Restaurant –

The choice is absolutely fantastic and in addition, you can book for the Autumn 6 course menu as seen below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 20.48.26.png
Credit: Angels Restaurant –


The service could not be faulted at all, quality from start to finish. We received a warm welcome and the staff were on hand to assist with questions about the menu’s, as it was a difficult choice with such varied options. There were no delays with our drinks and the staff kindly carried them through for us before we began our meal – which added that extra touch of good quality service. Furthermore, there were no food delays and you could tell the staff were being very attentive throughout the meal as it was always easy to get their attention. But also discreet enough that it wasn’t intrusive, which I think is particularly important.


In the end Amy and I both ended up choosing the 4 course menu.

My 1st course was duck & orange parfait, preserved pears and sourdough toasts.


To simplify this, parfait is essentially pâté – So if you are a lover of pâté, you will most likely enjoy this option. The parfait coupled up with the sourdough toasts works really well and the preserved pears add a sweeter flavour. In addition to what is listed, there were two finely sliced pieces of apple and also some onion. An interesting combination but you have to try it to believe how well this worked.

My 2nd course was the tomato, basil and orange seasonal soup.


The flavour of the orange really stood out for me which I was really happy about. I find soup can often be disappointing as other flavours overpower others but I found there was just the right balance in this one. I absolutely love anything orange related so again, I wasn’t disappointed and I would certainly order this again.

My 3rd course involved more duck – Goosnargh duck leg, boulangere potatoes, ginger, picked cherries and spring onions.


The duck is cooked as standard to medium but the staff do ask if you would prefer it any differently. The only thing I was confused about was the boulangere potatoes – As they didn’t come how I expected them to be. However the main dish was delicious and the flavours all paired really well which I was slightly unsure of at first because I’m not the biggest fan of ginger or cherries. But I made the right decision in just going for it and it certainly paid off.

The 4th course, dessert. Warm chocolate blonde, rose and hazelnut. Just wow.


The warm chocolate blondie had been made to perfection, slightly crisp on the outside and extremely soft on the inside, paired perfectly with the fruit puree and ice-cream. One to cure that sweet tooth and a MUST try.


For once I was unable to drink. Visiting a restaurant a little further away than usual meant I was designated driver for the night. However, Angels had some appealing non-alcoholic cocktails to try, all priced at £5.90 each.

The options were:

  • Non-alcoholic mojito (Refreshing, fresh mint and lime)
  • Elderflower press (Sparkling Elderflower spritz)
  • Apple berry press (Fresh berries, sparkling apple, fresh lime)

We ended up trying the non-alcoholic mojito and apple berry press, which were both refreshing and sweet. I’d definitely have these again and they are a perfect substitute if you are unable / don’t drink.



4 course menu = £37.50 x 2 = £75

Non-alcoholic cocktails = £5.90 x 3 = £17.70

Beer = £4.50 x 1 = £4.50

Total = £97.20


Overall rating – 10/10

Value for money – 8/10

Service – 10/10

Great ratings for Angels restaurant. I believe your bill could definitely add up if you weren’t to choose one of their deals such as the 4 course menu. However I do also believe you are paying the price for the quality of food Angels has to offer. I don’t mind forking out larger amounts if the food is excellent and as mentioned earlier, it was on this visit. Certainly now one of my favourite restaurants!


I certainly will!



Twitter: @angelsribchest

Opening times:
Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 15.54.25.png
Address: Fleet Street Lane, Ribchester, Preston, PR3 3ZA

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