If you have followed my food journey for the past few months or so, you probably know I’m a huge fan of GRUB. I always used to see pictures of food from Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham and be very jealous that we didn’t have a similar street food scene over here in Manchester… Until I came across GRUB.

As this is now my second blog on GRUB, I won’t introduce it as I’d be repeating myself. However if you didn’t read my last blog on GRUB, go and check it out. The only difference this time is that GRUB is now located at Fairfield Social Club, offering cover as the weather takes it turn for the worst (Address at bottom of my blog). You can’t miss it either:

Credit: Fairfield Social Club – Instagram @fscmcr


I’m going to cut to the chase.

After months of saying I would visit ‘Andy Low n Slow’, I finally made time to go. Andy’s food is Texas inspired BBQ and modern Mexican using seasonal British produce. I spoke to Andy and there is quite a surprising story behind all of this. Andy explained he was working in a factory and was later made redundant. After being made redundant, Andy and his wife began to cook at home and later discovered they were pretty damn good at it. Following this, they set up in his mums garage and grew from there. They have grown so well over the past five years that Andy is now opening his own restaurant back in Birmingham. It’s another great example of hard work paying off and definitely motivational to say the least. Andy is launching his kickstarter campaign on October 25th so do keep your eye out for this!


On the menu:

  • 20 hour oak smoked middle white pork shoulder bun, herb slaw, house pickles and BBQ sauce – £8
  • Oak smoked longhorn beef barbacoa tacos (GF), peanut salsa, tomatillo salsa, crema and herbs – £8
  • Oak smoked lamb barbacoa tacos (GF), tomatillo salsa, crema and herbs – £8 

It was definitely a tough choice as I have seen photos of all the above and they look ridiculously good. In the end, I went for the 20 hour oak smoked middle white pork shoulder bun.


I don’t often admit this but this was THE best and most flavoursome burger I have ever had – hands down. The picture doesn’t do this justice either. I normally wouldn’t opt for pickles but I decided to keep them in and I’m glad I did because they were extremely tasty.

I do however have some bad news for you guys. This was Andy’s last time at GRUB this year, meaning it’ll be a while until you get your hands on the above. But what you can do is follow his Instagram account @andy_low_n_slow to keep up to date with his whereabouts.

The next street food vendor I had been waiting a long time to visit was ‘Chouchoux Patisserie’. I’ve followed Vanessa on Instagram for quite some time but every day she has been at GRUB, I’ve been busy. When I saw Andy and Vanessa announced on the same day, I knew a chance like this wouldn’t come round again. So it was only right to keep it free at all costs.


To list a few of the options:

  • Canele
  • Salted Caramel Eclair
  • Rocher Eclair
  • Coffee Eclair
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Torte
  • Lemon Meringue Torte
  • Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Chouchoux also cater for vegans so everyone is a winner! If you know me, trying one option would be silly. Instead, a total of six were taken home for myself and the family to try.

The middle of the chocolate hazelnut torte was extremely soft. So soft I scooped the chocolate out of the middle with a spoon. Initially the chocolate flavour comes through, followed by the hazelnut – All extremely well-balanced. One I would definitely buy again.

I also loved the lemon meringue torte! Pleasantly surprised that it was up there as my favourite because normally any chocolate based option wins. The raspberry and chocolate torte was also delicious and I’ll always argue the case for any raspberry and chocolate combo as it is an unbelievable combination. The pastry on all  tortes were extremely well made and I can imagine it takes a lot of patience and practice, so compliments to Vanessa.

Finally, the salted caramel eclair. Probably my least favourite as I have never been a fan of eclairs. Although my dad ate the coffee eclair and was a huge fan. All round, everyone was extremely happy with their choices and we shall all be trying more in the near future!

Credit: Chouchoux – Instagram (@chouchouxpatisserie)

Another new vendor I visited recently was ‘Old Town Chimney Cakes Bakery’. The chimney cakes originate from Hungary and those behind the wonderful creation were inspired when visiting Prague. This was after the tempting aromas of caramelising sugar, baking cakes and cinnamon.

So what gives them the name ‘Chimney cakes’? Well the sweet yeast dough is baked on a fire and coated in delicious flavours. Upon slipping off the wooden roll, steam comes off the chimney cakes, like a smoking chimney. So there you are!


So the options – All £5:

  • Buzz Kicker (Cinnamon cone filled with dolce de leche buttercream espresso, Tia Maria biscuits topped with chocolate coated coffee beans & Tia Maria coffee drizzle) 
  • Apfelstrudel (Cinnamon cone filled with rum and raisin marmalade, warm apple compote, homemade madagascan vanilla custard & topped with oat crumble)
  • Twist on crème brûlè (Vanilla cone filled with crème anglaise foam, fresh raspberries, topped with lavender shortbread and caramel shards).

Classic options – All £5:

  • Vanilla sugar
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Sweet cocoa
  • Nutty Mix

Add a warm custard or chocolate dip to your classic roll for £1.


In the end, I chose the Buzz kicker but it was certainly a tough choice between that and the Apfelstrudel. The chimney cake was still warm when I received it and the spoon provided is to scoop out all the filling within the cone. Following that, you eat the cinnamon cone which tastes like a fresh doughnut. What a bloody great idea!


You know me, I’m always at GRUB so yes! But seriously if you enjoyed this blog, go and check out the other GRUB traders and even my other blogs to find great places to eat in Manchester and beyond.



Instagram and Twitter: @grubmcr


Opening times:

 Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
 Wednesday Closed
 Thursday  Closed
 Friday  12:00 – 22:00
 Saturday  12:00 – 22:00
 Sunday  12:00 – 18:00


Fairfield Social Club
Archway 6
Temperance Street
M12 6HR

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