Tre Ciccio

On Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting Tre Ciccio for their soft launch in Bramhall. Tre Ciccio was established in 2016 and are an Italian restaurant serving traditional authentic Neapolitan pizza and Italian style roast chicken.


Tre Ciccio have seen much success over the past year with their Altrincham restaurant winning three awards:

  • Best restaurant award at Lovin Manchester Social Media Awards.
  • Best Pizza chef at the National Pizza Awards.
  • Best restaurant and bar at Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce Awards.

It’s therefore unsurprising that Tre Ciccio have opened their second restaurant in place of what used to be ‘Mercato’. It won’t be easy in Bramhall as there is a vast amount of competition just a stone’s throw away but I remain optimistic for Tre Ciccio’s future.

Judging by the amazing support Tre Ciccio have received in Altrincham – I have no doubt that the residents of Bramhall and nearby areas will equal or surpass the support.


The interior is modern, with exposed brickwork throughout the restaurant. It oodles character and I find it extremely cosy, not to mention it looking great!

I captured some photos inside Tre Ciccio but I didn’t want to be too intrusive throughout other people meals.

So in order to showcase the real beauty of Tre Ciccio in natural light, I have to include some of the amazing photos captured by a fellow blogger and multi award-winning photographer, Georgie Glass (@georgieglass_). 

Credit: Georgie Glass – Instagram (@georgieglass_)

As you can see, there is a fairly large bar area upon stepping inside Tre Ciccio, stocked with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Credit: Georgie Glass – Instagram (@georgie_glass_)

The restaurant holds so much character and Georgie has captured it amazingly well during the daytime.

Credit: Georgie Glass – Instagram (@georgieglass_)

Behind the seating area and artwork is Tre Ciccio’s open kitchen, where the chefs can be seen making pizza’s with fresh ingredients. The smell as you pass is sublime!


A little further on, the restaurant opens up to an even larger seating area. Heating lamps are found throughout the restaurant, along with candle lit tables, giving the restaurant a cosy, relaxing and romantic feel.



The Tre Ciccio menu was inspired by a family run neighbourhood village trattoria nestled in the hills near Salerno, Campania. One thing you definitely know by now is that Tre Ciccio serve pizzas. However, you are probably wondering what else the menu has to offer.


I can safely say you’ll be spoilt for choice and there is definitely plenty on the menu to be excited about.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 15.32.48.png

To say you are eating out in Bramhall, I personally think the prices are great value for money with many of the starters only costing you £6. If you don’t have a huge appetite, the ‘Rotolini’ for example is a perfect portion to share with your companion. Split between two, there is no complaining at less than £3 each.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 15.33.05.png

Again, the pizzas are fantastically priced, with the standard margherita only costing £7.50! If you think you would still have room for more at this point, I’ll allow you to take a look at the dessert menu.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 16.11.45.png

Next time, I’m trying the ‘Tre Ciccio’ for my dessert – However, I’m unsure about ‘sharing’.


From the moment we stepped in Tre Ciccio to the moment we left, we were greeted by smiles, well-mannered and extremely friendly staff.

Throughout the meal, the staff were attentive but not intrusive which I’m always particularly fond of. Despite my visit being on the evening of their soft launch, there were no delays on food, nor drinks. In addition to the quick service, the staff paid close attention to detail, replacing unneeded cutlery from our table. My pet hate is restaurants leaving you with multiple knives and forks that you simply don’t need – Which may I add, creates extra washing up for themselves.

All in all, I can honestly say I have no complaints from my visit – Which is uncommon as I love to find something to whinge about.


Amy and I were treated to a three course meal each. For starter, we opted for the ‘Rotolini’ (Baked pizza bites stuffed with Italian cured ham & fior di latte cheese, tomato & basil) and the ‘Bocconcini Fritti’ (Lightly fried and breadcrumbed mozzarella cheese bites with crispy basil and San Marzano tomato sauce). 

Bocconcini Fritti

The Rotolini was brilliant – Each pizza bite was extremely soft and generously filled. You could easily share this sort of portion between two people, especially if you are aiming to have a few drinks and three courses.

The Bocconcini Fritti were flavoursome and light. The San Marzano tomato sauce was the perfect condiment for the cheese bites. The small portion was just enough to tide us over before the main course arrived.

For our main course, it had to be pizza. After hearing Tre Ciccio Altrincham had won an award for the best pizza chef of 2018, it was only right to see if the new Bramhall restaurant could live up to such hype.


My choice? The ‘Caprese’ (Buffalo mozzarella from Caserta, Campania, with confit cherry vine tomatoes, tomato sauce and basil). We’ll take a moment to appreciate how good that pizza looks!


The crust for me is normally the disappointing part of a pizza – Usually overdone and tasteless. However, we were off to a good start, a fluffy crust, unburnt and aesthetically pleasing. But how did the pizza taste?

I’m going to put it out there, in my opinion, Tre Ciccio have topped the leaderboard for pizza’s. There was a great balance of tomato sauce, meaning my pizza wasn’t soggy or dry. The cherry vine tomatoes were really fresh and sweet paired perfectly with fresh buffalo mozzarella and most of all, the pizza dough was extremely fresh and flavoursome. I honestly couldn’t get enough of the crust. The only thing missing for me, was a sauce to dip the crust in – However, I didn’t ask so that is my mistake.

Tre Ciccio Bramhall 2019 pizza award? Who knows.

I was full by this point but I knew I had to try a dessert on my first visit. I wanted to try the ‘Tre Ciccio’ (Three classic desserts to share: Tiramisu, torta al cioccolato & panna cotta). However, Amy had other plans as she decided on the ‘Brioche con gelato’ (Brioche & ice cream sandwich). 


Great choice though. The brioche tasted really fresh and what better combo than a fresh brioche bun and ice cream!

I was looking for a refreshing and light dessert due to feeling so full. Had I not have been so full, the ‘Torta al cioccolato’ (Warm chocolate tart, chocolate sauce & pistachio ice cream) would have been the preferred choice. Despite not choosing the torta al cioccolato, I was extremely happy with my ‘Torta al limone’ (Lemon tart, raspberry sauce & strawberry sorbet).


I got exactly what I was looking for – A refreshing, light and zesty dessert, with a perfectly thin pastry which didn’t crumble. A great choice, particularly if you have a sweet tooth!


The service was top-notch, which I found particularly great considering it was their soft launch. As mentioned before, the food was delicious and the pizza’s really put the icing on the cake.

The only improvement: Less seasoning as the food was a little salty at times.


I’ll be back Tre Ciccio! Oh, and if you still haven’t arranged your Christmas plans, be sure to check out Tre Ciccio’s Christmas menu.


You can book in for £29.95 per person and choose from the following:

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 18.37.03.png



Instagram: @Tre_ciccio

Opening times:

 Monday 10:00 – 23:00
Tuesday 10:00 – 23:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 23:00
 Thursday 10:00 – 23:00
 Friday 10:00 – 23:00
 Saturday  10:00 – 23:00
 Sunday  10:00 – 22:00


26 Bramhall Ln S

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