Eras Chocolate

I was recently messaged by Eras Chocolate on Instagram, to come and sample a couple of their Italian Artisan Cakes. It was an opportunity not to be missed!


Eras Chocolate are in Manchester Friday to Sunday (11am-5pm) until early December and are trading from a stall outside the Great Northern Warehouse which is near Impossible, Home Sweet Home and Almost Famous for reference.

Eras Chocolate have previously traded at GRUB and are currently in talks with Hatch on Oxford Road, to see if they can get something on a permanent basis.


Ermes is the man behind Eras Chocolate and his journey began all the way from Italy. After becoming a pastry chef in Italy, Ermes decided to take the jump and eventually moved to the UK where he has resided for the past 8 years.

After becoming unsatisfied working for other restaurants, Ermes decided to launch his own venture. Ermes knew he had the talent and ambition to pursue his dream of owning his own business and you can really see the passion he has for his artisan cakes.

When Ermes isn’t in Manchester, his wonderful creations can be found at restaurants ‘Bistro 1116’ and ‘South Manny Flavaz’. In addition, you can have Eras Chocolate delivered to your door (dangerous for your diet) and customise your cakes for special occasions.



As you can see further up, there are many artisan cakes to choose from so let me run you through each one.

1. Giant Rocher (Nutella Creme Patissiere Profiterole, Hazelnut Praline Mousse, Rocher Glaze & Edible Gold)
2. Rose (Madagascar Vanilla Mousse & Irish Strawberries Compote, Non Gluten Genoese Sponge)
3. Pistachio (Pistachio Mousse & White Belgium Chocolate Panna cotta, on a Non Gluten Genoese Sponge)
4. Cappuccino (Espresso Mousse, Caramel Cremeux & NG Cocoa Sponge)
5. Elegance (Light Sicilian Lemon mousse, Irish Strawberries Compote & Honey Caviar, Non Gluten sponge)
6. Red Passion (Non Gluten Red Velvet Mascarpone Cheesecake, Elderflower & Peach Jelly)
7. Triple Choc (Individual layers of White, Milk, Dark Belgian Choc & NG Cocoa Sponge)
8. Choco Heart (Madagascar Vanilla Mousse, Belgium Chocolate Cremeaux & Ng Cocoa sponge)
9. Baileys (Bailey’s Mousse, Dulce de Leche & Dark Belgium Chocolate Cremeaux on a Cocoa Sponge)


Despite a very tough decision, I chose the cappuccino and triple chocolate artisan cakes. Don’t they look fantastic!



The triple chocolate and cappuccino mousse were both very delicate, and when I say delicate, I mean delicate. The artisan cakes wobbled like jelly as I lifted them off the base. Quite remarkable and certainly “dessert porn”.

The artisan cakes were fairly large and therefore I expected them to be filling. However, they were extremely light and I could have scoffed my face for hours.

The triple chocolate mousse is rich and of course, very chocolatey. The cocoa sponge is a great addition and gives the cake a lovely texture. It crumbled in my mouth as the mousse melted – Divine!

The cappuccino mousse tastes exactly how you would expect it to. The flavour of the espresso really shines through and the caramel cremeux makes this cake particularly smooth. Again, the cocoa sponge crumbled in my mouth. It was simply a great combination of flavours.

It goes without saying but you can certainly see the amount of care and attention that goes into each Artisan cake, as the detail is undeniably brilliant!



  • Fantastic detail
  • Well balanced flavours
  • Knowledgable, polite and extremely friendly staff.


  • The price of each cake is £4.50. This is a little too expensive for my liking. I believe £3 – £3.50 is a more suitable price point. Even deals such as 3 for X amount would work well. (Despite the high price point, a lot of effort, care and attention goes into each cake, which are handmade and as fresh as they come – We have to remember to support our independent businesses).
  • I think there should be some very small samples available on the stall. This would allow people to try before they buy – However, I think sample’s should be hidden so people don’t just take without the intention of purchasing.



Instagram and Twitter: @eraschocolate


Location: Currently operating outside The Great Northern Warehouse, near to Impossible, Home Sweet Home and Almost Famous

Opening times: 11am – 5pm, Friday – Sunday.

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