The Bridge

I’ve been slightly quiet recently due to the run up to Christmas, which as you probably well know is a rather busy and hectic time of the year, especially if you leave buying presents until the very last-minute – I promise I don’t mean Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I do hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, I’m personally really looking forward to what 2019 has to bring and I’m sure excited to stuff my face some more.

I received a slightly early Christmas present which was a visit to The Bridge Restaurant & Hotel for their ‘Winter Wonderland Afternoon Tea’, courtesy of Flat Cap Hotels and Cath at Perception Sales and Marketing. You may be familiar with the names already as Flat Cap Hotels and Cath were also generous enough to invite me for a meal at The Courthouse in Knutsford, which you can read all about on my previous blog.


The Bridge Restaurant & Hotel is located in the idyllic village of Prestbury in which the River Bollin runs through. It makes a fantastic pit stop on the weekend whether you’re catching up with friends, spending quality time with family or simply wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


The Grade II listed building has been lovingly restored and whilst the exterior of the building doesn’t necessarily have the wow factor, I can vouch for the fantastic restoration work that has taken place on the interior of the building.


A host of original features have been uncovered throughout the refurbishment including stone and parquet flooring and wooden beams throughout. For me, the restaurant and hotel offers an unintimidating dining experience, with a cosy and homely feel, allowing you to really unwind.


Colours of red ochre have been used to create a cosy welcome for guests and larger Chesterfield sofas and oversized vibrant coloured armchairs give The Bridge a less formal feel. But don’t get to comfy, you don’t want to miss out on the food!



The restaurants decor has taken inspiration from the gardens at the rear of the hotel, which overlook the River Bollin and includes jewel-toned chairs in peacock-blue. My favourite seating area has to be The Garden Room which faced the terraced gardens, with botanical print chairs and parquet flooring. The large windows also allow natural light to shine through, every bloggers dream!

Credit: The Bridge Restaurant and Hotel / Perception Sales and Marketing

Particular areas of the restaurant had been re-shuffled on the day as The Bridge were having to stretch from their typical 66 covers to 94. This really goes to show how popular the newly refurbished restaurant is amongst the locals, and I can see why.


Christmas may be over but you can still get your hands on the Winter Wonderland Afternoon Tea, available until the end of January.

If you’re reading this after the end of January, don’t panic as regular afternoon tea is available all year round!


For £21.95 per person the Winter Wonderland Afternoon Tea includes:

  • Macaron Snowman with a mince pie filling x2
  • Praline & Chocolate log x2
  • Fudge, Rum & Caramel Christmas Tea x2
  • Mango & Blackberry Snowflake x2
  • Filled Chocolate Bonbons x2
  • Homemade scone with jam and cream x2
  • Selection of seasonal sandwiches x8



The scones at The Bridge had a dark-golden and crunchy outer crust, with a softer and fluffy inside. The clotted cream and jam were perfect accompaniments but it raised a question – Is it clotted cream first and jam second or the other way round? I’ll leave you to debate that one.

The desserts really give this afternoon tea the wow factor and even more so because I have transparency on how they are made and the process they go through. You too can view the process as pastry lover and chef, Coi generously shares her creations on Instagram (@pastrychef_coi) and creates all of the desserts for Flat Cap Hotel Groups restaurants.


Macaron Snowman with a mince pie filling – The attention to detail on the Snowman is brilliant and a great addition to a winter wonderland afternoon tea. The macaron was perfect, not crispy, nor crunchy. Soft in fact. But I’ll hold my hands up, I’m one of the few who doesn’t like mince pies and therefore I certainly didn’t enjoy the mince filling between the two macarons. Saying that, I still ate it all and despite not being a fan, I imagine this would be quite the dessert for those who enjoy both macarons and mince pies.


Praline & Chocolate log – A little creativity never goes amiss and probably my favourite shot from the afternoon tea. Not to mention my favourite dessert, and you guessed it, chocolate! A soft, melt in your mouth dessert with a hint of praline to satisfy the taste buds. The only way I can describe the log is it was similar to a Belgian truffle, yet larger, and dare I say it, better. Forget the new year resolutions, I’ll have 10 please.



Mango & Blackberry Snowflake – This is one for the coconut lovers! A mango and blackberry centre, rolled in coconut flakes. The moose-like filling makes this dessert particularly soft and delicate to pick up, and is one of the more refreshing choices.


Fudge, Rum & Caramel Christmas Tea – This was my second favourite dessert after the praline and chocolate log. The bottom of this dessert consists of a rum, fudge and cinnamon base, filled with toffee hidden sauce, topped with a caramel marshmallow.

Credit – Pastry Chef – Coi (@pastrychef_coi)

The sauce works really well but the flavour of rum was missing for me, a little too discreet.

Credit: Pastry Chef – Coi (@pastrychef_coi)

Filled Chocolate Bonbons – Once again, Coi delivered on the chocolate bonbons which contained three types of red berries. I love the combination of berries and chocolate, and the flavour really stood out this time. Saved until last, this was the perfect ending and filled the last possible gap in my stomach. Coi asked whether these can count towards your five a day and for me, most definitely!


Great price for an afternoon tea, excellent desserts and fresh scones.

It would be great to see fresh jam created rather than pots that have been bought in.

P.s. 10 chocolate logs next time please.


My Nana really wants to visit The Bridge so I will certainly be returning with the family!



Instagram: @bridgechesh

Opening times:

 Monday 7am – 11pm
Tuesday 7am – 11pm
Wednesday 7am – 11pm
 Thursday 7am – 11pm
 Friday 8am – 12pm
 Saturday 8am – 12pm
 Sunday 8am – 10pm


The Bridge,
The Village,
SK10 4DQ

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